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Meet our team with unique and extraordinary talent in places of beauty with peace of mind.

  • Dawnette Wessell - Owner, Active Hair & Nail Designer (Downtown & East)
  • David Wessell - Owner & Vice President
  • Judy McDonald - Office Manager (Downtown & East)
  • Martina Thomas - Downtown Salon Manager, Senior Hair Designer (Downtown)
  • Mandora Gourdie - Senior Hair Designer (Downtown)
  • Vicky Armour - Senior Hair Designer (Downtown)
  • Tanya Witkowski - Hair Designer (Downtown)
  • Amelia Spinniken - Master Stylist (Downtown) *On leave as of June 15th
  • Jane Rekuc - Hair Stylist (Downtown)
  • Leann Klavon - Senior Hair Designer, Nail Technician (Downtown)
  • Brooke Wessell - Hair Stylist, Natural Nail Technician, Specializes in Hair Extensions (Downtown)
  • Alexis Golder - Hair Stylist (Downtown)
  • Charlene Melvin - Senior Hair Designer, Nail Technician (East & Downtown)
  • Rhonda Petrosky - Salon Manager, Master Stylist, Nail Technician (East)
  • Katie Zenner - Master Stylist, Nail Technician (East)
  • Melissa Wilson - Master Stylist, Natural Nail Technician (East)
  • Kristen Lee Schulte - Master Stylist (East)
  • Katie Lederer - Hair Stylist, Natural Nail Technican (East)
  • Courtney James Hudson - Hair Stylist (East)
  • Kate Wilfing - Hair Stylist Natural Nail Technician (East)
  • Tricia Hinds - Nail Technician (Downtown)
  • Kelsey Johnson - Spa Department Lead, Skin Care Specialist (East & Downtown)
  • Katarina Six - Skin Care Specialist (East)
  • Sara Holcombe - Skin Care Specialist (Downtown)
  • Jennie Harding - Skin Care Specialist, Hair Stylist, Natural Nail Technician (Downtown)
  • Kasey McDonald - Licensed Massage Therapist (East & Downtown)
  • Stacy Danczyk - Lead Desk Coordinator, Hair Stylist (East)
  • Michele Wilson - Front Desk Coordinator (East)
  • Corina Fessler - Front Desk Coorinator (East & Downtown)
  • Aimee White- Front Desk Coorinator (Downtown)
  • Colleen Ryan -Front Desk Coordinator (Downtown)
  • Allison Brown - Aveda Partner
  • Grace Larned - Student (Downtown & East)
  • Alison Mackey - Student (Downtown & East)
  • Elise Henfling - Student (Downtown & East)
  • Rebecca Brown - Student (Downtown & East)

  • Now Hiring At Epiphany Salon!

    Epiphany is always looking for staff that is ready for success in the beauty profession.

    What we are looking for

    - Enjoys being a part of a team
    - Is professional and serious about being successful

    About Us

    - Epiphany salon and spa has a lot to offer
    - We at Epiphany work as a team and believe in a peaceful environment.
    - Epiphany has management that cares for the staff and the beauty profession.
    - Owners and management that is actively working with the staff and very
    passionate for the business. - Epiphany is on the cutting edge and has educational classes every month.
    - Epiphany has management and salon/Spa coaches on staff every day.
    - Epiphany works with pay agreements that are fair and benefit staff.
    - Epiphany does not believe in gossip and drama.

    We at Epiphany believe in working in a *Place of Beauty with Peace of Mind*.

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