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Amelia Spinnken


Master Stylist – *On Leave*



More about Amelia Spinnken:

I graduated from Douglas J Aveda Institute East Lansing, MI in the fall of 2005. Graduating as one of the top three students in my class I received the opportunity to further my education by being cross-trained in esthilogy. As some of you know I then went on to start my career at Epiphany East Salon and Spa. I built my cliental up for nearly three years. I received continual education through Aveda and Epiphany.

I then got the opportunity to move to Chicago with my beautiful family. I always wanted the experience and the growth a big city such as Chicago has to offer for my love of hair. I found a great salon downtown Lincoln Park, IL. I then got the chance of a life time, to be the cutting coach in Chicago for Blueberry Moon Aveda Salon and Spa. Being a specialized salon meaning you choose either style or color you learn to work together in many ways. Doing big weddings to fashion shows you all put your talents out there together. It was about sharing your talents to help better someone else and to watch them grow just like you have in this industry. Being able to help stylists through their problems and work everything out.

This industry isn’t about being better than someone else; it’s about setting yourself apart. After growing in Chicago for almost 2 years, my family moved back up to the place I know and love Traverse City, MI. I hope to grow and to work together with respect for each other as we progress through this amazing field!!