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Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

We offer three different methods, Pre-Exfusion, Hot Exfusion and Cold Exfusion using 100% human hair. We don’t give quotes over the phone. We do a private consult, so we can see and feel your hair.

All methods are ideal to add length, volume or natural looking highlights. All methods are offered in full or half applications and come with hair care supplies and follow up appointments.

Hot Exfusion

Ultrastrands revolutionary multiple strands application technology reduces stress on your own hair. This application method also allows you greater styling options and is a virtually seamless transition.

100% human hair, a wide selection of beautiful colors and an application method surpassed by none.

You will love the removal too! Imagine having the bond crystallize and turn to powder after applying the remover. It’s that simple.


Ultratress utilizes a unique method of application. This allows the UltraTress II hair to be placed higher up on the scalp and temples, which allows you to alter your hair in all directions, not just lengthwise.

What about your hair would you like to make different? Its thickness, it’s volume, the way it falls, its length, It’s weight? UltraTress II makes it all possible.

Cold Exfusion

Hair extensions are used to add length and volume to your natural hair, as well as a safe and chemical-free alternative for achieving stylish highlights and lowlights. With the advance of technology in this field, hair extensions have become virtually undetectable and very natural looking.

Each strand is crafted with superior quality Remi human hair, and each type is designed to meet an individual’s specific needs. Some are even used for adding volume and texture to fine, thin hair.

Others are perfect for those who wish to create dimension through beautiful highlights and lowlights.

The strand-by-strand application technique affords each individual the ability to create a look that is uniquely their own – the ideal choice for those with hair that may have damage due to chemical processing. Perfect for those who wish to create a distinctive look for that special occasion. Whatever type of hair extension you choose, the end result will be extraordinary hair full of volume, length, texture, and dimension.

UltraLinks adds length, volume, texture, color, versatility and pizzazz to your own personal hair equation, maximizing your hair volume to its highest power!